Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The First Sentient Beetle. (Based on a true story) (!)

It’s been a couple months since I’ve met that beetle, but I will never forget it. For its extraordinary story has inspired me, perhaps, forever. I encountered it when it landed on a ball of duct tape I was observing. At first sight the beetle was a hideous thing, degrading my beautiful duct tape ball. It was not just an insect. It was a giant. It’s repulsively apparent insect features were only added to its hideous brown spotted shell. But I soon realized its brawn did not hinder its brains. After it landed on the ball, it seemed so wrapped up in thought that it didn’t even move. It merely sat. I wondered what had even caused it to land on the ball in the first place.

Perhaps it had been bullied by other beetles. They found him sitting upon something else, doing nothing but thinking. “Why do you just sit there and think?” They asked in whatever bizarre language beetles speak. The beetle, so deep in thought, wasn’t able to respond. The other beetles continued to scorn him. They didn’t like such a strange beetle. They scorned him so much that he was forced to move. Then he landed on my duct tape ball.

Here he was safe, and I would keep it that way as far as I could help it, even when I had to leave and observe other things, so I set him down gently on my windowsill. When I returned a day later neither the ball nor the beetle was there. I’m quite sure the beetle stayed on that ball till death. The ball probably blew away in the wind taking the beetle with it. If the beetle survived the wind, it would probably be too wrapped up in thought fulfill its basic needs for survival. I solemnly bowed my head in remembrance for the beetle. Although the other beetles would live long enough to procreate, that beetle would live on in a greater way. His thought passed into everything he touched. With him, the greater Provo area will be a beacon for thinking beetles. Perhaps someday, all the will beetles love him, despite the scorn he received from their ancestors. Someday they all will be too deep in thought to produce anymore beetles, and only their thought will remain.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sex Tax, great idea or the greatest idea?

I have had an epiphany. Why not tax sex? I have a list of three positive effects if we adopted such a tax

1. It will fill up our coffers. After our economic crash, we need money. What better way to make money than tax one of our nations favorite passtimes?

2. Its a tax that the conservatives would like. Taxing sex implies discouraging sex. The religious right will praise whoever supports this plan.

3. It will slow down population growth. Our world has too many people. For those who refuse to use birth control, the sex tax will put an extra benefit in abstinence, not having to pay money. Not only will this solve the world population crisis, it will also decrease teen pregnancies. We all know how successful abstinence only education has been, so to add even more strength? Amazing.

So there you have it. The sex tax is my gift to humanity. I'd strongly encourage any congressman who reads this blog to propose it.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Movie Idea that probably came to me in a dream

A boy lives happily with his single father. But his father is tragically put into jail for a crime he did not commit. Out on the streets he learns that the president can pardon people out of jail. He vows to become the first child President of the United States so that he can pardon his father in this heartwarming tale of how dreams can come true.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A funky dance

So I did a funky dance and recorded it. Its very good and should be watched.