Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sex Tax, great idea or the greatest idea?

I have had an epiphany. Why not tax sex? I have a list of three positive effects if we adopted such a tax

1. It will fill up our coffers. After our economic crash, we need money. What better way to make money than tax one of our nations favorite passtimes?

2. Its a tax that the conservatives would like. Taxing sex implies discouraging sex. The religious right will praise whoever supports this plan.

3. It will slow down population growth. Our world has too many people. For those who refuse to use birth control, the sex tax will put an extra benefit in abstinence, not having to pay money. Not only will this solve the world population crisis, it will also decrease teen pregnancies. We all know how successful abstinence only education has been, so to add even more strength? Amazing.

So there you have it. The sex tax is my gift to humanity. I'd strongly encourage any congressman who reads this blog to propose it.