Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Adventures of Ivan the Midget. Part 23: The Penguin Gathering

Ivan waved goodbye to his newfound Mongolian friends. But now that they had successfully fought off the vicious sand sharks of the Gobi Desert, it was time for Ivan to continue his adventures. He created his magic portal and set off to wherever it would take him.

The scenery of the Gobi vanished and in its place was a barren landscape covered in ice. The light was dim. The first thing Ivan noticed, though, was the biting cold. It was almost too much for Ivan's little body. He stumbled across the harsh landscape until he heard signs of life. It was a chirping sound. Ivan knew the only thing this could mean. Penguins! Ivan was a prepared man, and he pulled out a tuxedo out of his rucksack. He knew well that penguins will only accept someone as one of their own if they are dressed in a tuxedo. Ivan wobbled his way towards the sound. As he made his way closer he saw a massive group of penguins huddled together for warmth. He made a skilled penguin call, and the penguins soon brought him into the huddle as one of their own.

As Ivan huddled near the penguins, relishing the sweet warmth they gave, he spotted a penguin looking at him with distress. The penguin rolled over an egg and made a sound. It seemed that the egg was now Ivan's. He put it between his two legs with a gentleness that very few men have achieved. It seemed that he'd spend his time with the penguins as he waited for the egg to hatch.

Months passed. Friendships were made. Finally, the egg developed some cracks. The air was filled with the most delightful chirp. The chirp was from the most adorable creature that Ivan had seen. He soon was surrounded by eggs belonging to the penguins as they hatched. Ivan knew well what he had to do now. He pulled a fish out of his rucksack and lovingly fed it to his baby penguin. The penguin took it and ate it ravishingly. Ivan's little heart was bursting with love for his little penguin. But then he realized that his stay with the penguins was near over. He gave a look to the neighboring penguins. They knew by that look that he had to leave. Ivan solemnly took the tiny wing of his new baby penguin companion and made his way into a portal that he had created. What adventures would await them in this next portal. Only time will tell.

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