Tuesday, October 30, 2007


vampire: So I'm dating this cute girl but there's one problem...
vampire's friend: don't tell me...
vampire: yes, I bit her
vampire's friend: why?
vampire: well we were in my mansion, and stuff was going real well. And we were making out and I saw her neck. I couldn't resist it, it looked so appetizing.
vampire's friend: and she left you?
vampire: no, she's cool with being a vampire.
vampire's friend: so what's wrong?
vampire: you can't take your minion to be your mistress. Its not kosher.
vampire's friend: You're not kosher.
vampire: What do you know about vampire's?
vampire's friend: I was the one who bit you.
vampire: But you're a werewolf
vampire's friend: and a vampire. A vampwolf
vampire: yeah yeah.