Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fish Tank Drama

There is drama in the fish tank in my biology room. The tank contains striped fish and a fish that hangs on the wall sucking who knows what off of it (we will refer to it as the wall sucker.)

The wall sucker usually stays on the wall on the left side of the fish tank, barely ever moving, but yesterday it moved a lot. I first noticed that it slid along the wall a little. I considered this a privilage to see this and sat down as the bell had rung. Later on I noticed it was on the front wall. To me that was the most amazing thing ever. It never was on that wall. But the most amazing thing was about to happen. The wall sucker started swimming! It swum over to a rock and attached itself onto there. Soon after a striped fish swam up to the wall sucker. He lunged at the wall sucker but didn't quite hit him and backed up. The striped fished lunged again and again until the wall sucker cowered into his usually place.

This can only mean the wall sucker is an exile. Why he is I don't know. Is it because hes a different soul who just can't fit in and the tyrannous striped fish force him to stay in one spot and yesterday he had enough and had an uprising? Or is it that hes a monstrous ogre and threatens the well being of the striped fish and the striped fish just keep him in line? I will get to the bottom of this mystery, and discover why theres this drama of exiles and rulers in the fishtank in my Biology classroom.