Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fan fiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an excerpt from a fan fiction by spacychick114

"Do you know why, I left Marianne, Elinor?" Willoughby asked tenderly

"Of course I do! It is because you're a cad! You only cared for your enjoyment and personal gain!" Elinor said as she readied her hand to slap Willoughby across the face

"No my sweet, It was for you." Willoughby lovingly leaned down to kiss Elinor. Elinor held her breath. She was trying with all her might not to swoon, despite the alluring presence of Willoughby. But as Willoughby's lustrous lips gently touched hers, she couldn't help it. She swooned.

Willoughby smiled, and caught her in his robust arms. He looked into her eyes as they slowly started to open. Elinor saw the fuzzy figure of Willoughby standing before her, as he helped her regain her balance.

"Let us lie together" he said to her lovingly

Elinor took a deep breath, taking in all the lovely aromas surrounding Willoughby. She smiled and breathed out, "Yes, let us"

I'm sure that was disturbing for all of us
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Logan said...

I've never read whatever fiction this is a fanfiction of, so it wasn't disturbing for me.

Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

1) First of all, somebody needs to tell spacychick that even after they have lain together, Willoughby should still be referring to Eleanor as "Miss Dashwood" "As in "Do you know why I left Miss Marianne Dashwood, Miss Dashwood?"

2) It wouldn't surprise me at all.

Eli McCormick said...

This is like an excerpt of Twilight with the names changed.